JAN 4462

For better accessibility and customer experience, Baiduri Finance has relocated its Bluecard and Insurance Centre to new premises at the following address:

Unit 16-17, Ground Floor
Sumbangsih Bahagia
Kompleks Perindustrian Beribi
BSB BE1118

Located in the same building as the Baiduri Finance head office, the new centre is equipped with dedicated counters for motor insurance services, road tax renewal, blue card collection and other services.

Along with the Centre’s move, Baiduri Bank’s electronic branch has also moved to the same location. Open 24 hours every day and equipped with full service ATMs, which includes cash and cheque deposit facilities, the new e-branch is more spacious, giving customers a higher level of privacy and comfort when carrying out their banking transactions.

The new premises has been designed to utilize space ergonomically and efficiently, using the latest energy-saving equipments and devices, and has a lobby area that is conducive to cater the banking and business needs for Baiduri Finance’s hire purchase clients.

The latest relocations are part of a premises and facilities upgrading programmes across the Baiduri Bank Group to improve the overall banking experience and meet the demands of a burgeoning customer base.

Baiduri Finance is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Baiduri Bank, a leading local Brunei bank. Since coming into existence in 1996, it has already captured a significant portion of the automobile financing business, it is now acknowledged as the nation’s number one automobile finance company. The company is currently the only licensed finance company in Brunei to hold the prestigious and internationally-recognized ISO9001:2008 certificate.

For latest news on Baiduri Bank Group, the public can follow Baiduri Bank on Baiduri Deals, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or log on to www.baiduri.com


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