A Call to all iPad owners!

by Reedz on July 27, 2011


Whether one likes it or not (can you tell I’m an Android fanboy? heheh) the number of iPad users in Brunei is growing real fast with roughly three to five thousand units already sold (this is just locally and not including those bought abroad).

Some buddies of mine have put out an invitation to all iPad owners to help build an iPad community, starting by ‘liking’ the dedicated FB page, “BruneiPad“.  The objective of this grouping is to provide a platform to meet other iPad owners to share, discuss, suggest and mingle, anything and everything to do with iPad.

There are plans in the future to hold events and activities for friends and family of BruneiPad e.g. iPad cookout?, Hang out, eat and have fun with other iPad owners!

To start things off, BruneiPad is inviting owners to join a secret beta testing program for a local app developer.

To participate, visit the link and subscribe. Further updates will be posted on the BruneiPad FB page.

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