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Tunjangan Hari Raya?

by Reedz on September 23, 2011


Did you know that in Indonesia Idul Fitri has a legally mandated salary bonus for all employees, known as Tunjangan Hari Raya (THR) as enforced by Indonesia’s Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration (“Kementerian Tenaga Kerja dan Transmigrasi”)? That’s right folks. The mandated amount of this salary bonus differs by region. For example, within the Jakarta region the THR bonus must be not less than one month’s full salary paid in advance of Idul Fitri, in addition to the employee’s regular salary. Thus, Idul Fitri is also a paid holiday. Breaching or withholding THR is a very serious labour law infraction and punished severely, regardless of employer status or position.

In Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei, Eid is more commonly known as Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Hari Raya Idul Fitri or Hari Raya Puasa. Hari Raya means ‘Celebration Day’. Idul Fitri is the biggest holiday in Indonesia and Brunei; and one of the biggest in Malaysia and Singapore. Shopping malls and bazaars are usually filled with people to get things for Lebaran such as ; new clothes, shoes, sandals even food to serve days ahead of Idul Fitri, which creates a distinctive festive atmosphere throughout the country, along with traffic mayhem. Many banks, government and private offices are closed for the duration of the Lebaran festivities.

Pics from an open house held at the home of a very, very close associate…





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In Retrospect

3 August 2011

“One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful.” — Sigmund Freud

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e-Darussalam Government Portal Launched

14 July 2011

Yesterday saw the launching of the e-Darussalam government portal at the Empire. e-Darussalam is an online portal of all the government services currently accessible was launched yesterday, boasting features such as one-time registration for users to access the services. Developed by the E-government National Centre (EGNC), the website "will integrate all e-government services online", in […]

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It’s better to actualize virtually than to incubate ultra-dynamically…

4 August 2010

Have you ever been pressured to brand your feature set? With one click? Without innovative niches, you will lack convergence. Quick: do you have a front-end plan for coping with new all-hands meetings? Imagine a combination of Ruby on Rails and CSS. Think B2B2C. Think scalable. Think clicks-and-mortar. But don’t think all three at the […]

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Hitam Putih Series

5 December 2009

Haven’t played with B&W for some time, so here’s a random selection. Tks for looking and have an AWESOME weekend everyone!

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Brunei sejahtera bumi tercinta

25 February 2009

Brothers Intek Melaya The long wait… Ohayo gozaimasu! This pic is what I call a "decisive moment"

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Myma Revisited

8 October 2008
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Bersama Rakyat – Through Nia’s Eyes

21 July 2008

These pics were taken by Nia who was also in town yesterday as part of her school’s contingent. Cool pics taken by a young lady who is developing quite an eye for photography. I likes 🙂

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June Birthday Bash

3 July 2008

Pics below were taken during the June birthday bash at the BIL and SIL residence in Tutong. There are so many birthday celebrants in our family for the months of May and June I’ve actually lost track! Anway, I wasn’t able to attend as I had the Saiful Nang workshop on that Sunday. Pics were […]

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The Workshop – Top Five Shots

24 June 2008

These are my top five shots which da gangsta referred to in his post. They were submitted for critique at the end of the practical session on day two of the workshop. Enjoice!

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Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder…

31 May 2008

Selamat menyambut ulangtahun ke 47 kepada ABDB My fascination for faces went into hyperdrive last weekend… Du Fu’s Ballad of the Beautiful Ladies On the third day of the third moon, gentle breezes blow, Upon the waters by whose edge they come and go, Women of richest beauty (thoughts as pure as snow). Fine bones […]

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Nina the Bartina turns 6

30 March 2008

BIG shout out to Nina the Bartina who turns six today! Happy Birthday Sweety! Hope you enjoyed your special day today! Nina’s Birthday Cake Blowin’ out the candles

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ICT Career Day – Coming soon!

15 March 2008

Today’s post is brought to you by the Purple Hippo Lens Blower – “One puff is enuff!” Head on over to Shimworld to see what I had to say about the new LEXUS LX570. Have an AWESOME weekend everyone! ———————————————– Pics taken during the briefing session conducted by Infocom Federation of Brunei Darussalam on the […]

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I catch bikers for breakfast

6 March 2008

I’ve caught the biking bug… I can’t stop thinking about them! So in an attempt to purge these thoughts out of my system, I thought I’d post this random series of pics so we can all enjoy their naked splendour! Hee hee!

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Inspiring the young ones

4 March 2008

Pics taken last week when da gangsta and I were invited by Cikgu Nadiah (“,) to speak to a group of final year students doing the property management course at MTSSR. Lunch at d’ Other Office to discuss what to talk about hehe. Talk about last minute!The proprietor of d’ Other Office, Yacub was there […]

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Ballet Regina

29 February 2008

A new ballet school will be opening soon to serve the ever-growing needs of children whose parents see the value in developing their artistic and dance talents. The school is located in Kiarong, which looks to me like its becoming a hub for dance studios. I counted at least 3 dance studios in the area.

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24th National Day – Saya Anak Brunei

27 February 2008

Faces from the 24th National Day celebrations at Taman SOAS in the capital last Saturday. Part of patriotism is the willingness to stand up and be a part of the celebrations. The act of waking up at the crack of dawn, driving all the way to town… thats a sacrifice in itself isn’t it?

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10 minutes with Myma

23 January 2008

Ok more like 5 minutes… It was a challenge to myself to get to know the subject and get her comfortable in front of Abigail and shoot some test portraits, all in a space of 10 minutes! It was awesome fun! By the way, for those of you who haven’t done so, check out my […]

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Safety prayer for pilgrims…

29 November 2007

Pics taken at a “majlis doa selamat bakal2 jemaah haji” at my ministry a couple of days ago.

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JIS Football Funday 2007

5 November 2007

Yesterday was a black & white kinda day… no soccer pics though 🙂

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A showery day…

29 October 2007

Yesterday was a day of more raya visits amidst the gloomy weather. There were showers everywhere, but these pics were taken at a different kind of shower… a baby shower hehe The mandi belawat ceremony Guests waiting to perform the ceremony The zikir crew were awesome! I seriously thought it was a CD playing! Turns […]

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The BIG feature

28 October 2007

Some of you may have already seen this article written by the woman…

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Images of Syawal

14 October 2007

A collection of images from Syawal which will become part of my photobyred collection

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Eid Mubarak

13 October 2007

In this season of forgiveness, let us cherish those that stay close to our hearts, and let us still again, cherish all that surrounds us…

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Ramadhan Randomness

11 October 2007

As of 10pm 11/10/07 I am still available for on-site Hari Raya photography services on the evening of 13th, morning and evening of 14th, and evening of 15th. Call me on 8775530 or email [email protected] for an appointment or to find out more.

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Breaking Fast at the Sheraton

10 October 2007

Dato Hishamuddien taking time out from his busy schedule to try out the Sungkai at Sheraton Large variety of dishes on offer One of the patrons totally engrossed in his meal Ultra Linking

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6 October 2007

“You must know that in any moment a decision you make can change the course of your life forever: the very next person you stand behind in line or sit next to on an airplane, the very next phone call you make or receive, the very next movie you see or book you read or […]

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Godspeed Old Buddy…

11 September 2007

Feels like your visit’s been too short me old mate. But I understand the need to get back to your life in Vancouver. Its been a heck of a buzz having you around man! As always, when an old buddy visits from afar, its a catalyst for the ones who are nearby to get together. […]

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PDS Schools ECA Day 2007

4 September 2007
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What comes after two?

28 August 2007
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Signed, sealed, delivered…

28 August 2007

How bout that huh? A menu from celebrity chef Bobby Chinn’s restaurant in Hanoi signed by the man himself! Many thanks to the Shimster for getting Bobby to sign the menu and for bringing it back to Brunei safe and sound! You da man! Oh, and Bobby, if you’re reading this, thanks muchly! When you […]

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Brunei Adventure Race Teaser

26 August 2007

The Brunei Adventure Race 2007 mini teaser this morning was a resounding success. Over 80 people turned up to try out the race and I think they got what they came for… ADRENALINE! It was totally action-packed from start to finish! Age was definitely not a factor this morning cos a team of 40 somethings […]

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Sapphira Cake House

24 August 2007

Went walkabout yesterday at Kiulap while waiting for my students to turn up. Came across Sapphira Cake House which I’d been meaning to visit since it opened two weeks ago. The trays were empty when I got there, which means sales must be brisk. The lovely young lady at the counter informed me that a […]

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What’s a shma?

11 August 2007

Syarikat Haji Metali dan Anak2 had been around for a long time and is a well known institution in Brunei, especially for their cendol. Even His Majesty himself tried the delighful sweet green dessert when he visited SHMA in Serusop during one of his visits around the area some time ago. For me however, SHMA […]

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Projectunes: Unplugged

8 August 2007

Following my earlier post, I finally got to interview the folks behind one of Brunei’s most progressive and creative music production outfits, Projectunes early this week. Formed by Adi Rani and Diana a few years ago, Projectunes now produces a number of extremely talented young artists, Azeem, NJ (who sadly was out of town on […]

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3 August 2007

Stay tuned for my interview with the folks at Projectunes whichhopefully will take place later today. Cool bananas!

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Wassup Machaaa!

13 July 2007

This here is Rajoo (not his real name) the bro wif da flow. I call him machaa (tamil for brutha). He da man cuz without him the roti kawin and the seama kway teow don’t get served! Keep it real machaaa! For those going to the Phantom of the Opera Gala Dinner tonight at Pantai, […]

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7 July 2007

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Lim on your triple-7 wedding today!It was an honor for me to cover it. Now, go forth and multiply… Oh, and it was nice meeting you AND your RED Nokia E90, d3x.

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Car Boot Sale…

2 July 2007
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Fête du Canada

27 June 2007

Many thanks to the Canadian High Commission for inviting me to the Canada Day reception this afternoon. It’s great to see so many Bruneians with links to Canada in one way or another, including yours truly, with mainly family and business links. Academically however, my ties are stronger with Australia. Incidentally, the Brunei-Australia Alumni Association […]

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