by Reedz on November 13, 2015


In its effort to promote paintball and attract public interest to play Paintball, on Friday 13th Nov 15 RBTS organized a Mini Paintball Tournament exclusively for the media with a total of 9 teams being invited namely: RTB-TV Sukan, RTB-Radio Sukan, KFM, Pelita Brunei, Borneo Bulletin, Brunei Times, Bloggers Rano Adidas, AnakBrunei and RBTS own team.



This tournament is the first of its kind fully organized by Royal Brunei Technical Services (RBTS) in collaboration with PANTAS Brunei Paintball National Team and BRUREF. The players also have the opportunity to meet in person the Brunei Paintball National Team who recently participated in the Paintball World Cup Tournament held in Langkawi and another highlights during the event was representatives for each team were invited to take part in having a paintball gaming against the Professional Team of Brunei National team.



RBTS paintball was also proud with its achievement in producing 8 certified paintball marshals where 3 of our local marshals them have gained international experience by joining other international marshals to act as official paintball marshal during the World Cup Tournament at Langkawi recently, KUDOS to our Bruneian National Teams and our local Marshals, they do makes us and the country proud.



The overall Champion of the tournament is from Bloggers AnakBrunei with RanoAdidas as the runner-up. Joint place for 3rd place goes to Radio Television Brunei-Sports Section together with RBTS team. Present to give out the Prizes was RBTS Paintball Head – Dayang Hjh Kamariah Hj Masri.

The paintball arena welcomes the public, both amateur and professional paintballers, individuals and groups, families and corporate clients, to visit, play and enjoy themselves at the RBTS Paintball Arena. For those who interested to play paintball, please contact RBTS Paintball Arena at 2611171, RBTS Paintball Arena on Facebook and Instagram.



BIBD announces CE ALAF routes and exciting activities

14 October 2015

Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam (BIBD) today reveals it’s race and cycling route for the upcoming BIBD Charity Expedition for ALAF 2015, which will take place on Sunday, 25th October 2015 at the Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah National Stadium. The BIBD CE ALAF race consists of a half marathon, 10km, 5km and a 3km Fun Run, […]

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The Hunt is ON!

18 August 2014

Hey folks! Here’s the details for the new promo from SCB! Standard Chartered Bank is having the first Facebook Scavenger Hunt! For more details, check out their Facebook fan page ! Participate and stand a chance to win Apple prizes and other fun gifts! I heard there will be 20 easy winners! Click on the […]

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Are YOU game for the hunt?

13 August 2014

Hey folks! Check out to get a sneak peek at Standard Chartered Bank’s new promo campaign and stand a chance to win some awesome prizes. All u need to do is like and share the SCB FB page! Stay tuned and look out for the next post coming up soon!

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Yet another night at the Studio…

25 August 2010

The Kristal FM studio to be exact. It’s that time of year again for the Bloggers to face-off against the Kfm DJ’s. As usual, it was a wild and wacky night full of wise-cracks and shenanigans from both sides! Thanks Emma, Maurina, Thanis, Rano, Kurapak, and the DJ’s for an awesome night! Can’t wait for […]

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Football for a worthy cause

14 February 2009

Haven’t decided where to celebrate your love this weekend? Click here Pics taken during last night’s Charity Football Match between DPMM FC and FFBD XI. The match was organized by the Football Federation of Brunei Darussalam . All proceeds (nearly B$100k from what I gather) will be donated to the Fund for Flood and Landslide […]

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BSM Treasure Hunt 2008

14 December 2008

Pics from this morning’s BSM Treasure Hunt event. Got there slightly late but still managed to capture some of the pre-hunt action 🙂 Stay-tuned for the afternoon session! Are you ready?? Awwwww…. Couple of desert storm veterans Guess whooo

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Telbru Let’s Cruise!

1 December 2008

A message from Liyana of BDAC: World Aids day falls every 1st december and the council has been working round the clock spreading awareness to the community through its programmes. Be it talks, interviews, media coverage etc, it is to break the silence on hiv and aids. Here i call you to join us to […]

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A bonza end to a bonza carnival!

16 November 2008

Congratulations to Mr Prasad who won the Passat Grand Prize in the final draw this afternoon!Pic courtesy of DST My new astro celeb friends doin the C for Centro hehe! Pic taken by saapi Wachaaa! You tembak I, I tembak you balek! ‘Gette singing her heart out We have a standing arrangement… I snap she […]

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UBD Beach Carnival – Rugby!

11 November 2008
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UBD Beach Carnival – The Music

10 November 2008

Yesterday’s beach carnival organized by UBD was an outstanding success which attracted throngs of people to Muara beach! And they were not disappointed! Here’s what you missed if you’re a music lover…

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NBT Hari Raya Luck Draw

18 October 2008

NBT held their Hari Raya lucky draw cum open house yesterday at their Bunut showroom. There was a huge turnout to witness the draw and be entertained by ZulF. Pics courtesy of NBT. Tks guys! 🙂 Hj Shahrum Hj Kadir, NBT General Sales Manager presenting the grand prize to Hajah Mariani Haji Serudin… nda bunyi2 […]

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Breaking Fast at Imtiaz 1

29 September 2008

As a follow-up to our sungkai get-together at Sri Patik Brasserie, last Friday, da missus and I had the pleasure of joining a group of blogger friends to a sungkai hosted by M (aka Leonidas) and Z (aka Geek in Pink) at their lovely home. Yam basket, Lamb Shanks, Udang Goreng… what a combo! Abis […]

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iCentre Open Day

4 September 2008

Last Friday, the iCenter opened its doors to the public for the first time. The open-day was aimed at showcasing the centre and its incubatees. The centre was officially launched by Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade HRH Prince Mohamed Bolkiah in March this year. There were a series of activities including a lucky draw, […]

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More from the Brunei Cup 2008

25 August 2008

Congratulations to the Brunei Art Forum and Sheraton Utama Hotel on the overwhelming success of the joint art exhibition held yesterday in conjunction with the UNICEF Check Out for Children Challenge 2008. Sheraton Utama Hotel UNICEF Committee with some of the local artists The UNICEF Check Out for Children™ Challenge is held annually that is […]

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Brunei Cup 2008 – Day One

23 August 2008

Pics taken from last night’s opening ceremony and the first two games of the tournament where the Jordan All-Stars played against the Mail & More Phils, followed by the Oilers versus the reigning champions, LG Sakers. Good start to the tournament! Head on over to the indoor stadium if you wanna catch some b-ball action! […]

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Bazaar Pusat Ehsan 2008

7 August 2008

I managed to catch the tail end of the bazaar at pusat ehsan. Rushed over straight after the go-kart races in town. Judging from da gangsta’s account, I missed a heck of a lot of action which happened earlier in the day. I think I managed to catch more action last year… The face painters […]

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June Birthday Bash

3 July 2008

Pics below were taken during the June birthday bash at the BIL and SIL residence in Tutong. There are so many birthday celebrants in our family for the months of May and June I’ve actually lost track! Anway, I wasn’t able to attend as I had the Saiful Nang workshop on that Sunday. Pics were […]

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Congratulations Mr and Mrs Kan!

28 June 2008

Yeah a mighty big shout out to me ole mate EK on his wedding day yesterday! I was not able to attend the church ceremony but the I certainly did not miss out on the PARTAAAAYYYYY! Mr and Mrs Kan, I hope you enjoyed my rendition of Wonderful Tonight hehe! Special for you only one! […]

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The Brunei National Laser 1 Championship – Part 1

11 June 2008

Meet Elektra the new addition to my camera bag… Pics taken during the The Brunei National Laser 1 Championship which took place last weekend. Unfortunately, I only made it there in time for the prize-giving ceremony.

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The Black Rehearsal

10 June 2008

advertlet Pics taken on Saturday night when the cheerleading squad from the black team of the Baiduri Olympics were rehearsing for their performance the next day. Tension was high as moves were being practiced over and over again… macam AF ada jua heheh…  

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Baiduri Olympics 2008

9 June 2008

Today is FABULOUSNESS DAY for everyone! Pics taken yesterday at the final event of the Baiduri Olympics which took place at the SOAS College field in town. The games have been going on since the beginning of the year with tournaments such as pool, bowling etc. I reckon its a great way to build camaraderie […]

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The Tasek Climbathon 2008

27 May 2008

Pics taken yesterday morning during the inaugural Tasek Climbathon. Was there at 6am and the run did not start until slightly after 8am. Fortunately, tasek lama is one of those places where you will always find something or someone to photograph, so its all good. There were altogether 341 participants from 17 countries comprising of […]

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SCB Media Afternoon

26 May 2008

This song is for all of you out there who have ever loved and been loved… have an awesome week ahead people! I know I will!! [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Pics taken during the Standard Chartered Bank’s media appreciation afternoon which was held at the Empire Hotel on Saturday afternoon. It was […]

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HSBC Tri-X 2

21 May 2008

advertisement Yeah! Are you ready to push yourself to the XTREME? Pics taken during the Tri-X 2 media briefing last week. Chillin with Tareq

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Bandar Blacks Victorious!

18 May 2008

The Bandar Blacks played one hell of a game against the mighty KB Pythons during the Brunei Rugby Football Union League final last night. The game was deadlocked at 9-9 all the way to the end, and it was only one drop-kick that decided the game! What an intense final! More here and here.  

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Little Arief’s 3rd Birthday Bash

13 May 2008

Last night, we had an impromptu small gathering to celebrate little Arief’s 3rd birthday, and also a belated Mothers’ Day cake-cutting. Many thanks to all who attended despite it being a weeknight. Thanks also to Arab-families for organizing the nasi talam at such short notice! Most of the pictures were taken either by the Saxplayer […]

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Semalam di banglo nombor satu

3 May 2008

You do something to me… somewhere deep insideI’m hoping to get close to a peace I cannot findDancing through the fire just to catch a flameJust to get close to, just close enoughTo tell you that…..You do something to me… something deep inside. Happy Birthday Cinta 🙂 [Audio clip: view full post to listen] ———————————————————- […]

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And the winner is…

2 May 2008

Below are the pics from the DST Roadshow and Bloggie Awards The polished police cadets brass band   KristalFM DJ’s in serious discussion Spot three phones in the left pic? Left: Hi cuzzzRight: Peipei, my favorite Kristal Kids Idol

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A bonza sailing afternoon!

29 April 2008

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to attend two sailing events, the Mike Pike Memorial Trophy and the Borneo Optimist Championships which took place at the Royal Brunei Yacht Club in Serasa. Taking part in both events were sailors from Kota Kinabalu Yacht Club, Sarawak Sailing Association, Piasau Boat Club, Sandakan Yacht Club, and […]

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Jailbreak in Kg Ayer!

25 April 2008

I think people are beginning to take the bloggie finals a tad too seriously, with all sorts of odd messages flooding the finalists’ tagboards. Well, tell ya wat, no matter who wins, we’re determined to have a bit of fun! Hehehe! So yeah, I’m rooting for the others as well, including da gangsta, who undoubtedly […]

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Ug-loe-nee mend!

16 April 2008

advertisement Today’s title means “Good Morning!” in Mongolian. These pics were taken last wednesday during the second day of the 2008 Davis Cup Asia/Oceania Zone games held at the tennis center in Berakas. With the heady mix of languages including urdu, arabic, mongolian, turkish, kazakh, and chinese being spoken at the time I suddenly felt […]

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Autism Awareness April

11 April 2008

special feature Autism Awareness Month in Dubai: Together Again is a month-long education and outreach campaign which is being held under the patronage of HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, President of the Executive Council of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Autism Centre. Click here to learn more. Also visit the […]

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Rugby Arvo

7 April 2008

Pics taken during yesterday afternoon’s match between the Bandar Blacks vs KB Pythons. Rugby is truly a sport for the boys lah. I couldn’t help but chuckle when one of the more spirited players on the sidelines shouted, “Woi! Pasal bola pun mau kelahi kah??”. Hee hee! I love Rugby!

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Zooming at the Centrepoint

5 April 2008

Pics taken yesterday afternoon at the Zoom carnival which is taking place on the 7th floor of Gadong Centerpoint until tomorrow. It was pretty quiet when I was there, but the Pelangi DJ’s did a good job of livening things up with their live show and games. Looks like da gangsta went during a livelier […]

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Nina the Bartina turns 6

30 March 2008

BIG shout out to Nina the Bartina who turns six today! Happy Birthday Sweety! Hope you enjoyed your special day today! Nina’s Birthday Cake Blowin’ out the candles

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Up the Brunei River eating Tandoori Naan

30 March 2008

Last night, I finally tried out the (still think its a silly name heheh) river cruise dinner with a whole group of people including da gangsta. The crowd was an awesome bunch of young (and young-at-heart heheh) and fun-loving folks who made the three hour cruise feel so short. The food was mostly northern […]

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Celebrate ICT with a Smile!

28 March 2008

AITI together with the other TELCOs (TelBru, DST & B-mobile) are running a “Smiles’ campaign in conjunction with World Telecommunication & Information Society Day (WTISD) on 17th May 2008. The campaign aims to raise awareness on WTISD and create a higher sense of appreciation towards ICT and at the same time focusing on this year’s […]

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More from AM Gunners Charity Match

26 March 2008
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BFF turns 1

24 March 2008

Congratulations to Nol and Anna on their engagement yesterday! Looking forward to the big day! ———————————————— Members of the Brunei Forever Forum, our informal local photography group, held its first year anniversary celebration at Blue Eden Cafe in Kiulap yesterday afternoon. True to its informal nature, it was an informal and FUN gathering of around […]

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