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by anakbrunei on January 29, 2009

Pics taken during the 2nd BEDB Stakeholder Forum which took place at the Empire Hotel’s Bunker Club. The theme for the forum this year is “Developing Infrastructure Building Partnerships”. The focus was clearly on Public-Private Partnerships.

The term “public-private partnership” is a specific reference to a deal between a government and a collection of private companies to construct public infrastructure.

In these deals, the government is able to transfer risks for the project from itself to the private sector provider, meaning any cost overruns are not passed on to the government.

The deals take on a number of structures, but at the basic level usually involve a private consortium that designs, finances and builds a large-scale project, such as a bridge, road or hospital.

The private sector provider may also have a deal to maintain the road after it’s done, or provide support services such as some cleaning at a hospital.

These contracts generally last for about 30 years.


View from the Bunker early in the morning…


YB Minister of Development gave an invigorating “soliloquy”.


CEO of BEDB stimulating the thoughts of the participants


YB giving his two cents


BEDB Babes


Coffee or Tea?

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A Farewell Dinner for Ruth

19 January 2009

Pics taken during last  night’s farewell dinner at Villa Mauri hosted by the Brunei-Australia Alumni Association (BAAA) for outgoing Australian High Commissioner HE Dr Ruth Adler, who finishes her tour of duty at the end of the month. HE Dr Ruth Adler and YB Dato Hj Idris, President of BAAA Z and her mum 🙂 […]

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Sukriya Saquib & Ayesha

28 October 2008

An invitation to the Mawaz-Khans’ lovely home is always an opportunity not to be missed to enjoy to warm hospitality of my financier friend and his lovely wife. And of course, to enjoy the wonderful pakistani ice cream, khulfi! Sukriya Saquib and Ayesha for having us last weekend! The lovely interior of the Mawaz-Khan home […]

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On the second day of Syawal

4 October 2008

Yesterday was quite a slow and easy day with the morning spent at JC and the afternoon spent visiting a few friends and relatives. Jasmine flowers… I like… Da little man getting a cuddle from CL who wrote a beautiful post about remembering raya with her late mum… Al-faatihah… Friends catching up while enjoying Raya […]

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AB goes walkabout: Cuba Libre!

25 September 2008

Went on a quick walkabout to Clarke Quay last night and joined CL and her dive buddies at this place called Cuba Libre. Closest thing to a havana dance hall you can get this side of the world 🙂 CQ river festival is ongoing Cuba Libre! Salsaaaaa

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Sungkai at Straits Kitchen

24 September 2008

The StraitsKitchen at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Singapore is a must-go place for sungkai when one is in town during Ramadhan. StraitsKitchen is a Singapore-inspired restaurant presenting the best of local cuisine in a contemporary ‘market place’ setting where one can indulge in an endless parade of local flavours from the halal-certified Chinese, Malay […]

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AB goes walkabout: S’pore F1 Fever

22 September 2008

Hi folks, from overcast Singapore. Looks like F1 fever is at an all time high over here. Everyone’s gearing up for the first Singapore F1 race this weekend. What makes it even more special is that this is the first night race in F1 history. Wow, the excitement is very high!

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Acar dan kayupuk di Inderaloka Biru

22 September 2008

Greetings from overcast Singapore! Last night, I dropped by Blue Eden (the now defacto night time hangout for BFF members heheh) to do a sampling of my mum’s acar. I certainly did not expect such a large crowd, hence the limited amount of kayupuk heheh! Sorry ah! Nanti lagi lanja kayupuk! These pics were all […]

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