Are you an introvert?

by Reedz on August 23, 2014

Do you prefer your own company sometimes? Away from the madding crowd? Do you consider your personal space sacred? Chances are, like me, you’re an introvert.

Contrary to what most people think, an introvert is not simply a person who is shy. In fact, being shy has little to do with being an introvert! Shyness has an element of apprehension, nervousness and anxiety, and while an introvert may also be shy, introversion itself is not shyness. Basically, an introvert is a person who is energized by being alone and whose energy is drained by being around other people.

Introverts are more concerned with the inner world of the mind. They enjoy thinking, exploring their thoughts and feelings. They often avoid social situations because being around people drains their energy. This is true even if they have good social skills. After being with people for any length of time, such as at a party, they need time alone to “recharge.”

When introverts want to be alone, it is not, by itself, a sign of depression. It means that they either need to regain their energy from being around people or that they simply want the time to be with their own thoughts. Being with people, even people they like and are comfortable with, can prevent them from their desire to be quietly introspective.

Being introspective, though, does not mean that an introvert never has conversations. However, those conversations are generally about ideas and concepts, not about what they consider the trivial matters of social small talk.

Here are five signs a person is an introvert. I found myself nodding to all five…

Graphic designer Schroeder Jones has come up with an easy-to-understand guide to getting to know introverts.

Introverts are all around and perhaps, understanding how they tick will make for lasting friendships with people that seem shy and quiet at first.

Remember that not everyone who is interesting or worth getting to know, has to be chatty or overtly friendly.



His Majesty greets subjects in Brunei-Muara

30 September 2013

Despite the sudden downpour, the capital was abuzz with excitement yesterday as thousands of people gathered to celebrate His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam‘s 67th birthday in the Brunei-Muara District. The crowds stood unabated in a line, stretching from Taman Sir Muda Hj Omar ‘Ali Saifuddien (SOAS) to Lapau, when brief […]

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B2.0 in KK Rocked!

4 December 2012

B2.0 part trois was as expected, a well organized event with awesome speakers and a very engaging audience. I really enjoyed interacting with the participants and the hospitality of the organizers was top notch (as usual) as well! Today social media is everywhere. What started out as an online blogging community in Borneo has now […]

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Congratulations to the winners of Cooltones Awards 2012!

17 September 2012

Congratulations to the folks at on the successful conclusion of the 2012 Cooltones Awards which took place over the weekend at OGH. The glamorous annual event was attended by the who’s who of the Brunei music industry including Hil Zaini, Jazz Hayat, 5.10am, and also special guests, Andy Suzuki and The Method all the […]

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Sea of Red at Taman SOAS – HSBC WalkRunCycle 2012

20 May 2012

A sea of more than 10,000 people painted the town red last night in what was dubbed the largest charity event ever held in the country at the Taman Haji Sir Muda Omar Ali Saifuddin. The HSBC Walk, Run, Cycle (WRC) 2012 themed “Unleash their abilities”, was held for the first time in the evening […]

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All set for #LoveBrunei28th!

22 February 2012

For the  last few years, I’ve been attending the National Day celebrations as part of the growing media contingent. Being assigned to various zones at the Taman SOAS meant that I could photograph the event from different perspectives. This year however, instead of being part of the media, I decided to be one of the […]

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Convergence 2011. From Success to Significance

13 November 2011

The first youth-led leadership forum, targeting Brunei’s Next generation – Convergence, took place at the BMW Showroom in Beribi Industrial Area last night, attended by over 100 invited guests ranging from students, fresh-graduates, entrepreneurs, visionary executives, innovators and members from the Local creative industry. The forum, the first of its kind to be held here, […]

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The Business Icons of Brunei!

27 September 2011

Ever wondered of the true story behind Hua Ho department store? or Abdul Razak Holdings? how about Chop Jing Chew or Harun’s Gym? Have you ever thought of why and how the individuals who are behind these brands went from managing small scale operations to such mammoth companies? Well then your doubts are going to […]

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Tunjangan Hari Raya?

23 September 2011

Did you know that in Indonesia Idul Fitri has a legally mandated salary bonus for all employees, known as Tunjangan Hari Raya (THR) as enforced by Indonesia’s Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration (“Kementerian Tenaga Kerja dan Transmigrasi”)? That’s right folks. The mandated amount of this salary bonus differs by region. For example, within the Jakarta […]

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Experiencing Iftar at Orchid Garden

6 August 2011

Ramadhan has arrived and like always, the Goldiana Cafe is abuzz with many patrons flocking to join and dine in their Sungkai Ramadhan promotion. Throughout this period, the Orchid Garden Hotel will be preparing a grand feast for all patrons planning to dine at the hotel. A weekly selected menu will be running throughout the […]

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Telbru staff fix up dilapidated house

30 July 2011

With the month of Ramadhan fast approaching and as one of its CSR initiatives, Telekom Brunei Berhad (TelBru) staff conducted a charity activity which involved repairing a dilapidated house in Tutong belonging to Awang Yusof bin Kadir, 60, who lives with his 90 year old mother. The work done included replacing and repairing damage to walls […]

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Telbru Media Appreciation Night 2011

26 July 2011

TELEKOM Brunei Berhad (TelBru) held an appreciation night for members of the media as thank you for their support and contribution in spreading and covering news for the knowledge of the public in the Sultanate. The event was held at Brunei Hotel in the capital last Saturday night. Representatives from eight media agencies in Brunei […]

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Faces from #HM65

18 July 2011

From BB: Advancement in mobile telecommunications technology and the introduction of affordable digital SLR cameras have brought about a new way for people to see and experience huge events such as His Majesty’s birthday celebration. Bloggers, tweeters and photographers alike came to Taman Haji Sir Muda Omar ‘Ali Saifuddien for various reasons, but the spirit […]

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Memories of Leicester

16 July 2011

Lesta Masta, a set on Flickr. How time flies… It was this time last year I was in my room in Leicester contemplating whether to go home or stay on till September…

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The Race That Cares – Part One

10 July 2011

Pics from today’s awesome event organized by Standard Chartered which took place at the Indoor Stadium. Over 2000 participants turned up as early as 6am this morning to take part in what was dubbed “The Race that Cares”. From BT: SCB’s Head of Corporate Affairs and Marketing Jennifer Kang said: "We would like to thank […]

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St. Margaret’s School Launches SIMS

26 June 2011

Yesterday, I visited my alma mater, St. Margaret’s School in Seria to attend the launching ceremony for the School Web Portal and the  Student Information Management System. The last time I visited was during the golden jubilee celebrations so it was an opportunity to re-visit after a few years. The school web portal was developed […]

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Brustralia2 was a bonza arvo of bloody good grub!

7 June 2011

IT WAS a food lovers haven as more than a dozen of different Australian-Bruneian fusion dishes were served during the Brustralia 2 foodie event last Sunday. The event was organised by the Brunei-Australia Alumni (BAAA) and held at Australian High Commissioner Mark Sawers’ residence in Jalan Kota Batu. Brustralia was participated by a number of […]

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Little known Faiz has big dreams at Brunei Open

7 July 2010

Kuala Lumpur, July 7: Unheralded Faiz Damit will spearhead the local challenge in the US$300,000 Brunei Open later this month with hopes of upstaging the stars from the Asian Tour. Faiz will feature for third time at his national Open from July 29 to August 1 and hopes to become the first local professional golfer […]

Read the full article → Loyalty Club Launch Part 1

27 June 2009

These pics are more or less LIVE from the Mall, Gadong. More updates on the way

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MOD Customer Appreciation Day

11 May 2009

It was an activity-filled morning at the Ministry of Development yesterday as their Customer Appreciation Week came to a close. Heaps of games and other activities took place over the last week and prizes from these activities were presented to the winners yesterday. BARA was a major participant with their flying fox, abseiling, rock-climbing AND […]

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SM Sayyidina Hasan turns 15

10 May 2009

Pics taken at yesterday’s Open Day and Jumble Sale which was held at Sayyidina Hasan Secondary School to commemorate its 15th year anniversary. Sayyidina Hasan Secondary School was previously known as Tanjung Bunut Secondary School. The name change was officiated by the Minister of Religious Affairs. The school was opened in 1994 with 647 students […]

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The Ministry of Communications’ Media Night

20 April 2009

Pics taken during the inaugural Ministry of Communications’ Media Night held at the Amar Pahlawan Hall, where the guest of honour was the Permanent Secretary at the ministry, Haji Awang Alaihuddin bin Pehin Orang Kaya DiGadong Seri Lela Dato Seri Utama Haji Awang Mohamad Taha. The event was organised to maintain a closer relationship between […]

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I LOVE Brunei Darussalam!

23 February 2009

This morning’s 25th National Day Celebrations at the stadium could not have gone any better! Weather was perfect (HOT but perfect!) and the crowd was HUGE! Hats off to the organizers and all those who were involved in making this Silver Jubilee National Day a great success! Now, excuse me while I go to sleep… […]

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If you can read my mind…

29 January 2009

Pics taken during the 2nd BEDB Stakeholder Forum which took place at the Empire Hotel’s Bunker Club. The theme for the forum this year is “Developing Infrastructure Building Partnerships”. The focus was clearly on Public-Private Partnerships. The term “public-private partnership” is a specific reference to a deal between a government and a collection of private […]

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More from the Temple

28 January 2009
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A Farewell Dinner for Ruth

19 January 2009

Pics taken during last  night’s farewell dinner at Villa Mauri hosted by the Brunei-Australia Alumni Association (BAAA) for outgoing Australian High Commissioner HE Dr Ruth Adler, who finishes her tour of duty at the end of the month. HE Dr Ruth Adler and YB Dato Hj Idris, President of BAAA Z and her mum Da […]

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Aussie Art Exhibition

15 January 2009

Lookin’ for some PRO photography gear but don’t want to splurge on new stuff? Then check out this link! Pics from the launch of the Australian Art Exhibition which took place yesterday evening at the Sheraton Utama hotel. About the artists: Michael Conolly is an Aboriginal artist from Charleville, in south west Queensland and his […]

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Congratulations K & S!

13 December 2008

Congratulations to our friends Kamal & Sufinah on the successful launch of their first Shop @ Sarah’s outlet in Seri Q-lap Mall yesterday! My my, what a crowd! In Seth Godin’s words, you have your own tribe already! Here’s wishing you continued success and growth of your dream! Congrats you two! I still haven’t figured […]

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Cita2 aku dulu nak jadi DJ Dave…

10 December 2008

Have you signed up for this Sunday? Meet Saiful and Yusry at the Empire Cinema this afternoon from 3.30pm to 5pm! Pics from last night’s informal dinner with the stars of Cicakman2, Saiful and Yusry. It was my first time meeting both of them and I found them really friendly, approachable and on the same […]

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The Human Chain!

2 December 2008

This special cartoon from Rhyme which was in the Bulletin last week just cracked me up! There’s definitely a treasure-trove of information over at the head-boy’s site which I refer to pretty regularly! Oh, here’s a pic of the artist himself at work taken last weekend at Country Patch… heheheh   Congratulations and well done […]

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Telbru Let’s Cruise!

1 December 2008

A message from Liyana of BDAC: World Aids day falls every 1st december and the council has been working round the clock spreading awareness to the community through its programmes. Be it talks, interviews, media coverage etc, it is to break the silence on hiv and aids. Here i call you to join us to […]

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Ballerina Girls – Regina Ballet Concert

30 November 2008

From Da gangsta’s site: YES program for students. As the end-of-year school holidays is around the corner, for most primary and secondary students this translates to Freedom! However, apart from spending this month-long holiday with family and friends, how else can students use up their time in a more productive way? The `Your Extraordinary Self’ […]

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St George’s School 70th Anniversary Dinner

23 November 2008

Hello ladies… Silan’s DA MAN when it comes to tyre alignment!

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Blogging it up @ UBD!

22 November 2008

The blog it up session at UBD this morning went very well with a turnout of over a hundred people! Our session started with me putting things in context by talking about the “big picture” of the whole web 2.0 phenomena and how it is changing the way we use the web. This was followed […]

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RIPAS Hospital Consumer Day

21 November 2008

FYI, the organizers have made more places available for tomorrow’s talk, so if you’re keen to be ENTERTAINED by the three stooges, then email [email protected] NOW to reserve your seat! We’ve got a whole bunch of GOODIES to give away to the audience during our break out activities (including Victoria’s Secret products, movie goodies, meal […]

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Got a pest problem?

20 November 2008

I sure did! Da crib was infested with ants! All sorts of ants, big ones, small ones, black ones, brown ones, even red ones! So last week I finally had it and called in the pest control folks to help with the problem. B-Mas Jaya is a relative newcomer in the pest control game, having […]

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Sunday morning Qigong @ Tasek Lama

19 November 2008

It seems all the 100 seats for the BlogItUp@UBD session on Saturday where da gangsta, Mr Kurapak, and myself are scheduled to speak, have been taken! I hope the organizers will be able to organize a bigger venue so that we can accomodate a larger crowd. The more the merrier! Qigong (or ch’i kung) refers […]

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Ballerina Girls

18 November 2008

St. George’s School is celebrating its 70th Anniversary this year with a special assembly at the school compound on November 19th. The culminating activity of this celebration is the ‘70th Anniversary Gala Dinner’ on Friday 21st November 2008 from 7pm onwards at the Rizqun International Hotel in Gadong. There will be dinner, entertainment and lucky […]

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BAH Charity Gala Night

9 November 2008

Have u registered? Pics taken during the Brunei Association of Hotels Charity Gala Night which was held last night at the Empire Theatre. An excellent turnout with several outstanding performances by the girls from Regina Ballet, the SMARTER kids, and our very own Putri Norizah made the night very enjoyable. The four course meal was […]

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Yes we can!

7 November 2008

This is what The Envoy had to say about the election: I echo his views. In what is probably the most followed US election with the highest number of voters, this man became the clear choice for change in America. I’m in awe of how far America has come in terms of racial tolerance and […]

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